Pandora’s Box

This project is a digital illustration depicting ‘Pandora’s box’. This artwork is part of a series of illustrations on Greek mythology stories.

Creating an illustration based on an existing legend requires literary research on the story, as well as visual research to explore the works other artists have created based on the story. To keep track of this research and to collect sketches for the illustration presented in this project, I kept a sketchbook in which everything was documented. After being inspired by the works of other artists, I sketched out and modified the sketches until satisfied with the concept. The final design was traced with fineliner, scanned and imported into photoshop. The illustration was fine-tuned and coloured digitally using a drawing tablet and the finished product was presented in class to receive feedback from the lecturer and fellow students. This feedback was used to experiment more with the style and details of the illustration, and to develop it to be more dramatic and fitting to the Pandora’s Box story.

The style of this illustration is simple and ‘cute’, as there is a personal preference for creating illustrations fit for childrens’ books. This style is also one which allows many possibilities to experiment and to become familiar with digital art. The combination of drawing and digital illustrating assisted in improve the skills as a digital artist. | 2016