Iżżewwiġt Vegana

This project is a book cover, designed in collaboration with animators Eric Leone and Thomas Scerri for Merlin Publishers. The book is the Maltese translation of Fausto Brizzi’s Italian ‘Ho Sposato una vegana, una storia vera, putroppo’, which loosely translates to ‘I married a vegan, a true story, unfortunately’. The book tells the non-fictional story of a carnivore who married a vegan and the hilarious and awkward situations this has lead to.

The brief of this project requested a book cover design and short clip to promote the book, with very few limitations regarding the design. My group started off the design process by researching the contents of the book and by exploring veganism, to fully understand the books’ context. The findings of the research were translated into quick and simple concepts which were discussed and their commercial potential was analysed. The concept which visualises the characters of the book as bacon and avocado was the winner as it is out-of-the-box, colourful, it implements the title and it avoids the typical cliches of vegans and their diets. Our aim was to create a design which would appeal to both carnivores and vegans, as well as grab the attention of a wide age-range. In order to enforce the out-of-the-box aspect my group decided to keep the spine of the book without any text, to make it stand out when placed in rows of books. The final book cover concept was then presented to a member of Merlin publishers, along with the concepts of 7 other groups.

The Merlin team selected the design of my group to be published. Their art director challenged us to create variations of the cover to further explore its potential, and to find a way to display text on the spine as that is what they requested. We designed several options and experimented to find the perfect match for the client and decided to use lettuce as the background of the spine, as any text would become legible and it removed the possible confusion of the carrot being a third character from the book. The book, and therefore the final cover design, is currently sold in all Agenda bookshops across the Maltese islands. | 2017