Good morning!

This project is a packaging concept for a bundle of three breakfast products, designed for the busy ladies who need a moment of relaxation before and during their busy day at the office.

The brief of this project presented the challenge to create innovative packagings for the bundle of nutritious breakfast products, which were yoghurt, cereal and dried fruit. In order to be able to create a design, the process started off by visiting a supermarket to research these products and their usual packaging. The concept of the packaging had to focus on a target consumer, for which I chose consumer the busy, fashionable lady who works full-time in an office resulting in a busy lifestyle. Besides working she enjoys going out with friends, watching series and good food. In order to give a solid impression of the targeted consumer, a persona was created and presented through a fictional diary. The packaging concept, to create a set out of the three packagings which present pretty visuals and provides a moment of relaxation during the busy day, was based on this persona. The idea was to incorporate the element of three, which also represents zen and unity, into the shape of the packaging and make them triangular. The visuals on the packaging could then be cut into three, enhancing the concept of collecting a set. The most viable sketches of the packaging were tested in the form of prototypes, and after the necessary experimentation and trials a functioning dieline was created. This final concept was presented in a pitch and feedback was incorporated before producing the final product.

The visuals on the packaging are three photographs of floral scenes, taken in a garden. These images were chosen to incorporate an element of nature and peacefulness. Each packaging consists of two elements, the main container holding the product and displaying sections of the photographs, and a disposable paper wrapper displaying the product’s info. The idea behind this is that the main empty packagings are plain and can be used as a decorative element. The soft pastel colours of the wrappers correspond with hues in the photographs. This project increased my knowledge of Illustrator software and provided interdisciplinary experimentation through combining packaging design and photography. | 2016