15 eleven

This project is the branding of 15 eleven, a brand owned by an adult creative individual who designs and creates women’s fashion. After sewing clothes for many years and studying to be a costumière, the client decided to express her personality, identity and creativity through a logo and brand, inlcuding the use of clothing labels. This project presents a branding set including business cards and paper clothing tags.

The client presented a challenge as they were not sure which direction they wanted to take the logo design. Therefore, the design process started off by creating multiple sketches based on the brand name ’15 eleven’. These thumbnails were presented to the client after which they made a selection of their three favourite designs. In order to improve the visuals, these designs were then re-created digitally, after which the client selected two designs. The feedback of the client on the chosen designs was incorporated and translated in multiple versions, which resulted in them selecting their preferred final logo concept. To show the possibilities of this concept, I created several more versions of the logo using different fonts and colours. The client selected the design which she identified most with and their final feedback was analysed and incorporated where possible to create her ideal logo.

The logo consists of a mix of fonts, which expresses the diversity in the products and fashion items of the brand 15 eleven. The number 15 is written in rigid numbers, expressing professionalism and modernism, whilst the number 11 is hand-written in letters, which expresses the authenticity and handcrafted element of the brand’s products. The colours used in the logo were chosen based on the options available at the third party label-weaving company, whilst keeping in mind the legibility of the logo on an embroidered label. Also, from all colours presented to the client they chose the coral-red as they identified it with boldness, femininity and creative passion. The simplicity of this logo makes it versatile and applicable to a variety of branding items. | 2018