Transnational identity construction through narrative beginnings in Marjane Satrapi’s ‘Persepolis’

In a context of peoples in a globalising world, the existence of transnational cultures and identities is inevitable. In order to gain understanding of the construction of such identities, this […]

#(Re)tweetingforfuture: How Greta Thunberg leads the climate crisis conversation on Twitter

In discussions and reports about the climate crisis, the appearance of the name Greta Thunberg is inevitable. The 16-year-old Swedish climate activist first started her Skolstrejk för Klimatet (school strike […]

Tim Hofman, Celebrity/author: exploring literary celebrity, postures and identity

In the Dutch public sphere it is difficult to avoid Tim Hofman (1988). He is a multi-layered individual who has taken on roles such as show host, filmmaker, social critic, […]

Challenging Sexual Objectification Through 100 Vulvas

Feminism impacts the public sphere on many fronts, attempting to transform those areas where inequality still exists. A long-term feminist topic which holds current relevance is sexual objectification, a socially […]

‘5G users be like’: (In)visibility as evidence in 5G conspiracy memes

Recently, 5G cell towers in various European countries have gone up in flames, presumably set on fire by individuals who claim that the, invisible to the human eye, electromagnetic waves […]

Why we should all be a little #BOOS

Created in 2016, #BOOS is a Dutch YouTube channel by TV-producer BBNVARA, with its content presented by Tim Hofman. In each video Hofman supports individuals who are angry (hence the […]

Bloody Amazing, This Menstrual Activism

This article was first published on Diggit Magazine. Menstrual activism has been around for many years and has brought women great improvements regarding health and society. But from my perspective, […]